State & Broadway's proven, effective client representation process is based on a simple but effective formula:

Identify the issue at hand and determine whether it requires statutory, regulatory or other action. We then analyze the issue from a political perspective to explore its viability.

Frame the issue in a manner that will be compelling and understandable to relevant government officials. This often involves working with the client to develop written materials that explain their position, along with an assessment of the key players in the legislative or regulatory process that will most likely need to be engaged along the way.

Connect the client with the relevant government decision makers who actually have the power to make decisions that can affect the client's interests. Often, a client's first instinct regarding which public official to approach on a particular legislative or regulatory matter is mistaken; State & Broadway will connect you with the right decision makers who actually have the power to make a difference on your issue, at the right time.


Working with government can be frustrating, especially for those unfamiliar with the legislative process. So making connections with the right decision makers or simply having your voice heard in the crowded halls of government can be a daunting challenge. That is where State & Broadway can help.

State & Broadway acts as a bridge between people and government. Our professional lobbying firm helps individuals, businesses and organizations identify, frame and advocate for issues that impact public policy, before the policymakers who actually have the ability to implement real and effective changes.

Our highly respected, motivated and experienced team has excellent working relationships throughout state and local government in New York, and has a well-earned reputation as being a leader on public policy issues in Albany, New York City, and points in between. State & Broadway's government affairs professionals can help your business or organization navigate state and local government to your advantage, and can assist you in successfully achieving your desired public policy goals.

When you need to connect with government in New York, you first need to connect with the government affairs professionals at State & Broadway.